Excellence. Elite. Efficient. Less is often More. Prevention. Love. Heartfelt. Fun. Honesty. TRUST.

“Fear Free Certification” is all the craze in the vet field. It is sad to think about “FEAR” being an option. You wouldn’t put your human child in a cage at a pediatrician’s office waiting for an inoculation (even if you may have wanted to, you still wouldn’t). We wouldn’t put your furry child in one either.

The reason we started this practice is we know the rigorous schedule veterinarians keep. It can make it impossible to provide the time and attention that some patients need. Did you know that Veterinary Medicine has the highest rate of suicide of any other profession? Vets tend to be inherently good people, but being underpaid and overworked gets old fast.

At THE RANCH we have found that by giving each patient 2 hours of our focused attention (no matter what the issue) and keeping our appointments to a maximum of 4 per day (usually 2-3 appointments per day), we have the time and energy to pay attention to detail. We are incredibly gentle and have FUN with each patient. We went into the field for a reason and it pays off to feel the love from the animal at the end of a visit.

It made sense to me that since I would rather pay a little more in exchange for convenience and exemplary customer service, there are probably other people that feel the same way. Especially when taking your anxiety riddled pet to a stinky vet office, where you get a 15-20 minute appointment slot. And usually leave with buyer’s remorse or forget what the vet even said. And then calling to speak to the vet takes an act of Congress to arrange.

Did you know that technicians (the ones who take care of your pets behind closed doors, under anesthesia, give injections) make roughly $13-18/hour? The Best Registered Technicians make around $20/hour. They are so skilled and so underpaid. It’s unfair to all of us. It is reality.

THE RANCH VET has a small staff by design. They are the best I have ever worked with and they are paid accordingly. They are happy to be appreciated and recognized for their incredible talents. Happiness attracts Happiness and the animals can feel it.

San Diego is truly ‘America’s Finest City’ (so perfect, it makes it hard to go on vacation!), so we do a lot of communication and even exams outside in the beautiful weather. The pets love THE RANCH smell and wildlife sounds. It is like they have arrived at a luxury dude ranch & resort.

We practice the BEST medicine. We prefer to NOT give vaccines (unless requested and we discuss thoroughly). We check blood titers and discuss the results accordingly. We use the TOP OF THE LINE dental equipment/dental x-ray/ultrasound/in-house lab/out-house lab and we have started a private pharmacy JUST for our clients. We can mail your medication to you or you can come and pick up in our convenient, digitally locked Medication Box (without having to talk to anybody or put on makeup for that matter). Surgeries and emergencies are where we truly excel. We have on-call medical specialists such as our Internist, Surgeon, Cardiologist, Pathologist and I handle emergencies personally with an equipped ICU at THE RANCH and 17 years of experience.

I don’t use the ‘business philosophy’ of other vets any more. I don’t need you to come into my practice as many times as possible in order to make money. I do Skype follow-ups when convenient. I prefer text, video text, and am available via cell phone 24/7. When you DO come in, you are the ONLY appointment. You have the run of the place to yourself. We do not ‘check in’ or ‘check out’ patients. We are more like friends visiting and talking about your baby while I sit on the floor with them. We have the ability to treat and give advice as needed. Being with your pet during a procedure is NEVER an issue. You may also choose to leave your pet or even go feed carrots to the horses (or chickens) while we finish up. Fun and convenient.

24/7 means 24/7. In the event I am on a horse, or simply too tired to answer my phone, it is forwarded to our Head Technician and Hospital Manager, Maureen, who has 25 years of experience and should be a vet herself. She can triage with the best of them and always knows how to get in touch with me.

Medical insurance is the single most important and best thing you can do for your pet. I can help guide you AND I am providing my clients with Health and Wellness insurance sponsored by THE RANCH. I will help you pick a major medical plan. It does NOT have to be expensive!!

However, when an accident happens, IT DOES HAVE TO BE EXPENSIVE!! I have seen $20K and $30K+ invoices from the large ER hospitals. In California, insurance makes sense. Having to euthanize a beloved pet due to lack of finances or when the invoices reach ludicrous amounts should not be an issue. INSURANCE takes money out of the equation.