ServicesWho knew how popular THE RANCH VET concierge services was going to be?

I figured we would fit into a “niche,” but the reality is that EVERYBODY loves the luxuries that we offer, and everybody (with basic insurance) can afford them! The only problem is that
we refuse to stretch ourselves too thin. We are first come, first serve. We only take a new client if someone happens to move and leave a spot open.

THE RANCH VET is a fun place for people and animals. There is NO STRESS associated witha visit. We simply meet at my ‘girly fort of animaltude.’ We choose our clients, clients do not choose us. So there is never a waste of time or energy.

I only want the very, very best for animals.

I want to have ‘MY’ patients. They are my babies too. If injured, sick, missing, or stressed, I
WANT TO KNOW! I am truly YOUR concierge on-call vet who loves your pet almost as much as you do. I will meet you at midnight to give an injection to help with an upset tummy. I will never be distracted or annoyed if you have a last minute or ‘inconvenient’ situation. I want my clients and patients to love me as much as I love them.

Luxuries at the Ranch include the Ranch itself! It is a beautiful place for pets.

We are available to you 24/7. We are INVOLVED. We want to know every single thing about your pet and we are always a text or call away.

We find great satisfaction in helping figure out tough cases. We have the time and manpower where others do not. We have found that tough, involved cases are a niche for us. We love to help, love a challenge, and are not afraid to call a scientist in a foreign land in the event they may provide a clue!

We do not waste your time or ours. We are just real animal people. Appointments are fun, and if you need to drop your baby off for the day for whatever reason, that’s great! They can play with our dogs or just hang out in the studio for the day, napping and listening to Willie Nelson.

Money is money. It is a necessary part of life. It should be respected, but that is about it. In our perfect scenario, we would want you to bring your pet in, receive awesome care, have a few laughs, enjoy our time together, and spend ONLY the time, energy and money you feel is deserved. Someday we will operate our veterinary practice on a ‘donation’ basis. In the meantime, we have some mountains to climb and must charge for our services. Typically, we will discuss it at the time of service, but usually we will send you a summary of your visit along with an invoice via email. You have many options for payment including Paypal, Venmo, check, cash, etc, etc…

We Do It All…

We love:
• Progressive Medicine
• Integrative Care
• Aggressive Wellness & Prevention
• Oral Care
• Dermatology
• Nutrition
• Ophthalmology
• Behaviour
• Oncology
• Pain Management
• Geriatric Support Services
• Surgeries
• Emergencies ​are a favorite of ours!

Also, we love to talk about puppies and kittens! All the BREEDING​ do’s and don’ts!!

We have pregnancy tests in stock, love to ultrasound babies en utero, and help with the whelping experience (so much fun!). We are here to offer advice on puppy and kitten training (at least advice on who does a great job training your breed!).

We are right here with you, every step of the way.

We have an on-site, fully equipped ICU. For multiple reasons, we would prefer to treat every animal emergency in our gentle, caring, loving environment. There will be times that we need backup from VSH, VCA or PESC, but 95% of the time we can handle any emergency right here.

We employ essential oil diffusers (we know which oils to use and how to use them), himalayan salt lamps, gentle touch, soothing music, therapy dogs (for dogs and cats), and mood lighting to help animals relax, feel safe, and heal. It works!

By the way, we also love to use opioid infusions (pain pump) or whatever else it takes to keep a fur baby comfortable. Pain, anxiety, and fear are not an option when it comes to a visit at THE RANCH VET, where mi casa es su casa.